Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cream cheese and BACON stuffed Tilapia!!!

Let me start by saying this was so freaking delicious I feel like I went to a gourmet restaurant and I can't believe I am losing weight eating it!!!

I started by chopping up about half of a medium sized onion
I would normally add some fresh celery however I was out & lazy so I added some celery salt
I added some parsley, cilantro, black pepper, and sea salt as well
Next step is tossing all of this into a sauce pan with about a tbsp of butter

I just cooked this for about 7 minutes on low 3-4 because it is still going to bake so it does not need to cook thoroughly. While that it cooking I threw some bacon on the stove, because as you know, any low carb diet should consist of at least 50% bacon (I kid I kid...but seriously)
Note: I did not use all of this bacon, but I like to cook it all because I can still munch on it and use it for the boyfriends lunch tomorrow and so forth.

I cooked the bacon until it was close to crispy and then took it out and chopped it up. Next I mixed up the onions, seasonings, bacon, and a bar of Philadelphia cream cheese.
Once everything was mixed I rolled the mixture into the center of the tilapia filets and stuck a skewer through them to keep them secure.I put a little bit of butter on top of each one and squeezed a fresh lemon on top of them.

I baked them at 350 degrees for thirty minutes and they turned out PERFECT!!!! 

 Low carbing is getting easier and easier....

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  1. Thanks for this! My husband said this dish made it to his "Top 10" meals. :-) Two ideas: 1) Saute the bacon first and the cook the veggies in the bacon fat. 2) To save time, instead of rolling the fillets, I put 3 down in the pan, spread the filling over, put 3 more fillets on top, and then squeezed the lemon juice (and any remaining drippings) over. But your way is definitely prettier!